Anima (Crocodylus johnsoni) in Australia - Photo de Guillaume Blanchard (Fujifilm S6900, mars 2003) - licence CC-BY-SA

The endangered species protection tag provides information about the following data

  1. Issuance of the CITES (here: 2001)
  2. CITES number
  3. Country issuing the CITES (here: DE = Germany)
  4. Position number on the CITES form (here: Position 1)
  5. Scientific name of the used species or subspecies (here: Alligator mississippiensis = 111)
  6. Country of origin (here: US = USA)
  7. Item group (here: watchband = 30)
  8. Customer number (issued for the respective member by the Reptile Species Protection Association and matches the IRV lead seal number)
  9. IRV number (consecutive process number in the reptile species protection ID system)

The coded information on the endangered species protection tag allows an extensive plausibility check of the product. For this reason, the final consumer should also leave the tag on the item or store it as proof. In cases of doubt, the IRV number stored in the CITES document at the Offenbach registration center can be easily drawn on.

The endangered species protection tag on the item

The endangered species protection tag is affixed during product inspection. In the interest of the consumer, who should leave the tag on the item, it is stored depending on the type of article in a safe place where handling will not be significantly affected with the IRV lead seal attached. It is not replaceable. In handbags, the endangered species protection tag is found generally in the inner side of the back zipper or side compartment.

In marked watchbands, the carrier should remove the tag for practical reasons, but should always store it as proof of legal purchase. The tag perforated on both ends is affixed by firmly pulling it with the strap or buckle attached to the watchstrap and then closing it on both ends with the IRV lead seal.



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